Meth – Now in Fun Assorted Flavors

By on March 28, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

Every club heads favorite drug of choice, Chrystal Meth, now comes in tasty flavors. The New York Metro reports:

Meth is a highly addictive crystalline powder that is generally smoked or snorted. While flavored versions have yet to surface here, they have been seized and are believed to be available in California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota and Missouri.

“We’re hearing about it,” said DEA spokesman Steve Robertson, referring to tips from informants, local police, drug users and counselors. “It’s not a nationwide phenomenon, but as with any other new trend, we’re very concerned about this.”

It’s only a ‘matter of time’ before the flavored drug appears in the city, said one DEA official in New York, where nine clandestine meth labs were shuttered in November, including one spot on Eleventh Avenue and another at East 39th Street.

The altered drugs are as effective as their traditional forms, officials said, and appear to be the latest way for dealers to expand their businesses with flavors or colors serving as brand names.

Flavors like ‘Strawberry Quick’ and others designed to taste or smell like soda, chocolate and fruit were seized by Nevada state police in Carson City in January. Another seizure was made in February in Greene County, Mo., said Robertson, of the DEA’s Washington, D.C., office.

“[Nevada state police] had some, analyzed it and sent the word out nationwide to let us know to be on the lookout for it,” he said. “Now we’re hearing candy being crushed up and mixed in. People need to realize that this does not change the fact that this is still a horrific drug.”

Asked if he thought flavored meth would eventually make its way east, Robertson replied, “I hope it doesn’t come to other parts of the country, that it’s just a regional problem. I’m hoping we’re going to stop and beat this.”

Meth labs dismantled in New York state last year, according to DEA statistics. In the metro area, meth is typically imported from the West Coast, while the upstate market is generally supplied by an increasing number of local labs. In November, “Operation Red Fusion” resulted in the arrest of 10 New York and Long Island residents who imported chemicals to produce the drug, including a Citicorp executive who allegedly made meth in his penthouse near the U.N. building.

Another way to lure our youth into the drug market? You bet. Just like flavored cigarettes, meth in this new form may seem more appealing to the masses more so than before. This is something that every community needs to be concerned with as drugs don’t discriminate, they only destroy.

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