Busta On The Road To Jail?

By on March 27, 2007 @ 6:01 pm

How do you f*ck up a good settlement deal with the law? By driving with a suspended license. What could have been a get out of jail free card has now lead Busta Rhymes to a court date that may see him serving time.Criminal Court Judge Tanya Kennedy withdrew the three year probation, five days of community service and two weeks of anti-violence lectures to troubled youth all because Rhymes was too cheap to hire a driver to get him around. How big of an idiot could he possibly be?

Now Trevor Smith, Busta Rhymes’ legal name, will stand trial on two assault charges. The courts offered Busta another deal by the ADA of one year in jail for each of the two third-degree assaults and $500 fine, he turned that down.

I’m not sure how many offers the system will give him before he gets a hint? Would you prefer to end up in jail or make your money in the streets?

Next time take a cab Busta and stay out of the way of trouble.

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