Feds To Beef Up MTA Security

By on March 22, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

Federal agents are going to help step up security on MTA commuter trains and stations in a new program that will be announced today, sources said.

The Transportation Security Administration will assist the MTA police in patrolling the railroads.

Earlier this month, the MTA rejected a proposal by the TSA to conduct random bag checks.

Transit agencies, including the MTA, have long complained that the federal government spends billions of dollars on air security but will spend only pennies on mass transit.

MTA Executive Director Elliot Sander will be joined be joined by state homeland security boss Michael Balboni and representatives of TSA, the NYPD, and state and county police departments to announce the program, officials said.

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Along with these changes on the commuter rails they should also be concerned with the lack of security on NYC Transit stations and trains. It isn’t fair to subway riders that they want to reduce the personnel on the trains and stations (many stations no longer have 24 hour staff presence). We need more of a police presence as the weather gets warmer and more people are out late. We all know the crime rate increases during the warmer months. Get it crackin now and we’ll be sure to have a safer NYC. Either that or police brutality goes up…

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Skee stylus March 22, 2007

What really is security though on the trains. More cops grilling you or giving tickets for moving between cars. I never feel more safe regardless of how much NYPD presence there is. If it goes down and someone pull an ox…Its me and him. Same thing with a terrorist attack. Uthought…thanks for supporting the Nation.

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