Will NYC High Schools Return to The Garden?

By on March 21, 2007 @ 9:30 am

After this past weekend’s High School Championship at The Garden the NYC Department of Education is thinking of not having games at night. Taking it one step further, Bloomberg has also suggested that all High School Championship games occur without an audience (19 of the 21 people arrested were not from either high school that was playing). Is this fair to the players? The parents?

As we explore the possibilities we also have to take into consideration that Madison Square Garden many not want to deal with the possibility of another fight breaking out at one of these events.

Not exactly sure who was playing or what the outcome of the score is however you have to wonder what the young people in the audience were thinking. Do they not realize that the world continues to watch these types of situations and says this is why they will never amount to anything?

Do they realize that future players may not get the opportunity to play at the “Worlds Most Famous Arena?” For some who do not pursue a basketball career this could be the dream come true of just being part of basketball history at The Garden. 


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